The sale of a life's work is a unique event and it is often more complex than the initial creation process. This is due to the fact that, in addition to maximizing the selling price, ensuring the continuation of the established business and idealistic values is a key element of the process.


We have a holistic approach to the transfer of business ownership. From the formulation of the initial expectations, through to the approach of investors and contract negotiations we will assist in facilitating the optimal conversion of your corporate values into liquid personal assets.


The first step is for us to collate an extensive value analysis. It provides an indication of the feasible sale price in addition to valuable arguments for the maximization thereof as well as the financial reference base for prospective buyers. Building on our international network combined with extensive research we assess the strategic fit of potential buyers. Our approach guarantees maximum confidentiality to clients, suppliers and employees.


You can trust in our efficient support throughout the Due Diligence as well as in our experience in the negotiation process and conclusion of the contract.