Our services

We support international corporations, medium-sized companies and individuals with all aspects of the M&A process. Our client services include both strategic acquisitions and divestitures, as well as succession planning and the realisation of self-employment. Westfalenfinanz adds value to the succession planning of a corporation particulalry when maintaining the established corporate values are as important as the commercial goals.

Our approach

We take an "active" approach. On the basis of the catalogue of requirements, which we design together with our customers, we carry out a systematic screening process of all potential target companies. The benefit of this approach is that we identify companies that may not have considered either to buy or sell, of their own volition. By doing so we actively create investment opportunities in Germany.

Our niche

The typical turnover of the to us relevant companies amounts to € 5-100 m, a size that become increasingly relevant to our German private equity clients. This is a basic point of reference, which is in line with the the philosophy of Westfalenfinanz. In exceptional and justifiable cases, we diverge from this internal target size.